Stop Hunger Now

You know how when you leave Costco you have to walk through the crowd of people enjoying a slice of pizza or hotdog at the food court?  That’s where I was when I noticed the most interesting thing.  There was an older gentleman sitting at a small table all by himself.  He was wearing an ecru shirt that had the words “STOP HUNGER NOW“.  I wish I could have taken a picture of him – as he stuffed a fat polish sausage into his mouth.  That’s what I’m talking about.


Do you ever

wonder why YOU can’t be the one that finds something uber-valuable at a garage sale or Goodwill?


Well, at least I can rejoice in the fact that today, we picked up our own little piece of valuable at the upstanding aforementioned establishment.  What is this treasure that I speak of, you ask?  Well, I should be honest and say there’s some truth tothe  saying one man’s treasure is another man’s junk.  (Did I get that right?)  Anyway, we up and purchased a CAR WASH for Zoe’s Hot Wheels cars.  99 cents, baby!  It even has little circular sponges that smoosh the car through with a flick of a switch!  I’m sure it’s vintage.  Probably circa…  84.  PROBABLY, the only one of its kind ever made because of a single quality control inspector who dared glance away from his work.  It’s probably even worth millions.  BUT, it looks like a PIECE that was broken off of a larger toy to me.  Sooooo, because I think it is worthless, after Zoe is done with it altogether I will put it into a bag of toys to “take back” to Goodwill.  Only to read in the paper the next morning that some shmuck picked up a toy for his nephew and ended up with a 1.4 million dollar treasure.  The only one of its kind.

Choo Choo

Bought the girls a train table today. They were excited but since we had to pick it up later in the evening, they both fell asleep on the way home. We stayed up and put it together, and let me just tell you, tomorrow is going to be like Christmas at this house. I’ll try to post pictures.

So, tonight we went to Daddy’s work for dinner. He had a shift where he works alone until midnight so he can’t leave. (No, it’s not the night shift at AM/PM.) Of course, it wasn’t difficult for me to offer to bring him something from a local restaurant to which he responded with an invitation for us to stay and eat with him. Anyway, we had a nice time chatting about an upcoming road trip while the girls played air hockey with a tissue box – which was quite entertaining, I might add. But I have to say the most interesting part for me, was realizing how GREEN his work is. Like many companies, they provide food utensils for the employees but these were unlike any utensil I have ever used! They were strangely pliable, and had a soft, familiar texture. Of course, I had to ask about them, and my husband tells me they were made from potatoes! So intriguing, and I couldn’t help but realize that the familiarity I felt between my fingers, was that of a french fry. Well, more like a raw potato ready to be dipped into a vat of grease. ANYWAY, I digress. Just wanted to say tonight I had a “green” moment, and for someone who is admittedly not as GREEN as some may like, I rather enjoyed it.

Oh, you can see the utensils here (though I can’t say for sure WHERE the company gets theirs.   http://www.inhabitat.com/2007/10/13/spudware-cutlery-made-from-potatoes/

Holiday Madness.

I can’t believe it has been nearly a month since my last blog post.  I have been feeling a little guilty about it, but have also managed to ignore those feelings.  It wasn’t too hard since I have been busy since Thanksgiving but I do feel kinda bad.

Anyway, Mia and I went to Annie, and it was absolutely fabulous.  It was put on by a youth musical theater and to be quite honest, I expected the show to be on par with the small town high school musicals I was used to seeing growing up.  They give good exposure to musical theater, but they aren’t exactly something to rave about.  This theater group was AWESOME.  Every singing voice was top notch and the majority of them were age 11 and under.  I have seen Annie many times, from the high school production that my friends participated in when I was a child, to the Santa Barbara Civic Light Opera, to a few showings at the Shubert or Pantages in Los Angeles.  The caliber of this show was somewhere between the two latter shows mentioned.   Mia sat there enthralled through the entire show, and I almost cried during the first few scenes.  I think I was just touched because I was finally able to show my daughter something I grew up loving.   All in all we had a great night out.  At the end, Mia and I walked the cast’s “receiving line” and the girl who played Annie looked at Mia and waved.  She was completely in awe.  As we walked away, she told me she wished she had been able to touch her.  I still regret not going back, but “Annie” had many fans waiting to greet her…   I think Mia was trying to grasp the difference between reality and fiction.  She understood that Annie was in a costume, but also realized she was a real little girl, unlike the actress she had scene in the movie version.  I think by the time we got home I had explained things to the point where she “got” it, though she did ask if we could have “Annie” come over to play some time…  I’m not sure if she really wanted Annie to come over, because you know, she could have just been thinking that if Annie came over to our house, then she might to get to go to Annie’s where her foyer looked like Grand Central Station…

So, that was a fun night yet so much has happened since then.  I don’t even know where to begin.  As soon as the holidays were kicked off on Thanksgiving weekend, we have attended many holiday festivities.  The girls have been to cookie parties, I have been to a wreath making day and we have all been able to spend lots of time with friends and family.  Add to that a dose of holiday madness and you have the typical joys and craziness of the season.

I hope to write again soon, but sadly, I will be going out of town this weekend for a funeral.  I’m not sure when I’ll be home but I am sure I’ll be back for Christmas.

I can’t wait for tomorrow! I happened to be at the girls’ gymnastics class on Thursday and I noticed a poster for a production of Annie that is being done locally. My five year old daughter has been watching the movie since I bought it for her last year and she loves the singing and dancing. I knew it would be a treat for her to see the play. She has never seen a play before and isn’t sure what to expect, but she did sound excited when I told her there would be little girls and grownups dressed up as Annie, Molly, Daddy Warbucks and Miss Hannigan. She can’t wait. She said she’s going to sing along with the actors so we’ll see how it goes!

As a big fan of the theater (musicals in particular) I am very anxious to see this production by the El Dorado Hills Musical Theater. The play Annie was one of my childhood favorites and I have seen it in L.A. a couple times. I would say it’s a must see for any girl who even remotely enjoys a little singing and dancing. The tickets were a good price at $20 for an adult and $15 for child, as it’s hard to find local theater tickets for less than twenty bucks these days. If this is a good local production then I will consider it well worth the money. Anyway, I am anxiously anticipating the show. I can’t wait to have a special outing with my daughter, but I also can’t wait to share her first theater experience!

I promise to update after the show! Oh, and if you are interested in seeing Annie by the El Dorado Hills Musical Theater, click here for more info. It’s playing Nov. 21 thru Nov. 30.



Tomorrow is the BIG DAY.  You must go vote.  It is your patriotic duty privilege.   Vote for what you believe in.

I am anxious to see what the outcome of the election will be.  Anxious to see if my vote will “matter”.  Yet, at the same time, I know that whoever is elected to lead this country, will do just that.  I may not agree with him, but I will respect him as my Commander and Chief.

Tomorrow, my friends, we will make history.

Click here to find your polling place:  http://www.vote411.org/pollfinder.php